A rendering of the Allston/I-90 intermodal project in the narrow “throat” section just west of the B.U. Bridge. For most of 2019, this scheme – which would have elevated Soldiers Field Road on a new viaduct over the Turnpike along with a new viaduct for the new Grand Junction rail line to Kendall Square – had been MassDOT’s preferred alternative. Courtesy of MassDOT.


a clear trail lined by snow next to trees and a restaurant.

Leominster and Fitchburg’s New Rail-Trail Gets Creative With Winter Maintenance

Winter can be rough for pedestrians, bicyclists, and anyone attempting to wheel around on sidewalks and bike lanes through the ice and snow.  Even heavily-used trails like the Minuteman Bikeway, which links Cambridge to Bedford, can struggle to maintain paths clear of snow and ice during the winter months:  https://twitter.com/minutemanbiker/status/1617873960603095041?s=20&t=0yE3eUuRMg7ISjf95BuYtw One trail advocacy group in […]

What It’s Like to Be a Woman Transit Operator

Editor’s note: A version of this article appeared as part of the Subtext Zine from Transit Center and is republished with permission.  Across the U.S., transit agencies are grappling with a shortfall of operators. These operators — frontline workers that keep buses and trains running are essential to a functioning transit network that actually gets riders where […]