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Why Vision Zero is a Human Rights Issue For the Deaf — and the Rest of the Disability Community

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In American Sign Language, we call our translators interpreters for a reason: direct translation, or transliteration, is often not representative of the true meaning. For instance, the direct transliteration of Vision Zero is “zero vision.” Zero vision is not a good translation of Vision Zero, but it is a great representation of the current state of safe streets in DC and across the United States, especially for people with disabilities.
A before-and-after sketch of the City of Boston's proposed changes to Cummins Highway in Mattapan Square illustrates how the city plans to widen sidewalks, add trees, and reduce crossing distances for people walking to or from the neighborhoods west of the square. The design also includes physically protected bike lanes that would connect Cummins Highway to the Neponset Greenway across Blue Hill Avenue.

City of Boston Proposes Safety Improvements for Mattapan Square

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To improve safety - particularly for the thousands of transit riders who pass through the square - the City of Boston's Transportation Department is proposing to close the wide right-turn slip lane in front of the Mattapan trolley terminal, widen sidewalks to reduce crosswalk distances, and add a new crosswalk across the Blue Hills Parkway to provide more direct access to the T station and the Neponset Greenway from the neighborhoods to the west.